Being a novice gardener, I expected the outdoor chores to include planting, weeding, watering and picking. But yesterday, I found myself sewing in the garden.

My son, friends and I were putting a fence around our 20- by 30-foot space to keep the critters out. We hate to be rude, but rabbits, deer and a resident hedgehog had already eaten most of the lettuce and all of the broccoli that we planted last week.

We purchased a plastic mesh fence that came in rolls, and we needed to connect the ends of each roll to create a fence all the way around the garden.

So there I stood, rather squatted in the dirt underneath the clear blue sky with the wind at my back sewing the ends of our fence together with sturdy strands of string. My son and friends were doing the same thing to secure the other edges of the fence that needed to connect.

“The rabbits will eat through that plastic mesh,” I heard one of the more experienced growers in the community garden say. “You are going to do a lot of mending.”

The mesh is flimsy. I initially ripped a small hole in one part as I attached it with too strong a hand onto one of the supporting poles.

“What’s that saying,” I said to my son, “about reaping what you sow?”

“That’s it,” he said.

“Well, we’re going to sew what we  rip,” I said.

And we’ll be sewing whatever the deer, rabbits and that resident hedgehog rip, too.



One response to “GARDEN STITCHES

  1. LOVE it, Caroline! Sewing what you rip – very funny, Nick!

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