A few members of The Green Thumbs gathered yesterday around 1 p.m. for garden chores.

We were not alone.  Several growers tended to their vegetables while we worked together watering newly-planted Marigolds, raking in between rows for weed prevention and tightening fences with thin, but sturdy, plastic ties.

The weather was warmer than anticipated in the mid-day sun. When we left, I was hot and uncomfortable. After running an errand at the post office, my compass led me to the nearest water ice.

Already seated underneath one of the outdoor umbrellas was one of my Green Thumb friends and her daughter. They had the same idea. The mom was dipping into a small water ice with her spoon, and her daughter was licking a quickly-melting ice cream cone dipped in sprinkles.

I joined them with my larger cup of lemon flavor, and we sat and chatted as traffic passed by, birds chirped and breezes cooled us off.

Not long after we settled, another fellow gardener drove up. He, too, was looking for a refreshing treat after gardening. We chatted with him about the weather and current events as he waited for his order.

It occurred to me that participants of the community garden will be growing more than vegetables this summer. We also will be growing friendships.




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