My 11-year-old son wandered into the kitchen Saturday morning to find me at the stove.

He had just woken up.

“What are you cooking?” he asked.

“Green beans,” I said, while lifting the lid off the steaming pot.

“Those are some green, green beans,” he said. “And they smell good.”

The food came from The Green Thumb community garden that we share with three other families.

My growing son, who detests anything classified as a vegetable, wanted to try some green beans for breakfast. This was a break through!

His whole life I’ve been feeding him green beans — from baby food jars, from cans, from the freezer section of the grocery store.

Come to find out, I should have been shopping at local farm stands or growing my own. Nothing beats the flavor of a fresh green bean.

And they are not that difficult to pick and prepare. I found satisfaction in washing and snapping the long green vegetables.

“I don’t know whether to call these snap beans or string beans,” I said, snapping off the top end of one that I missed on the counter and watching a thin string from the bean trail behind the removed top.

The beans definitely make a snapping noise when the top and bottom ends are removed. And a string usually follows.

My son just shrugged his shoulders.

Whatever the beans are called, if they are fresh from the garden, I can serve them for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner with no complaints from my children – and no complaints from me either.




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