Now that school has started up again, my trips to the Green Thumb community garden are father between.

Yesterday, I stopped by and was pleased to find several tomatoes, lots of beans, three radishes, one squash and so many cherry tomatoes I couldn’t pick them — all ready for harvest.

My quick stop took longer than I expected. I took half of my vegetables to the Green Thumb gardener who lives close by and encouraged her to go back and pick more cherry tomatoes.

They are difficult to get to because we didn’t stake the plants properly. If I had a chance to do-over the garden this year, I would fix that mistake.

I would also:

  • Plant our golden Marigolds along the fence again, but outside of the garden to give us more room for food.
  • Plant less herbs and more vegetables. An extra row of onions would have been nice or bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, butterbeans – something we could prepare for dinner or freeze.
  • Install the fence right away instead of waiting until the deer and critters help themselves to the broccoli and lettuce.
  • Cook and freeze more of the bounty.
  • Be more faithful to my garden visits.

Looking at the harvest moon the past couple of nights, I realized that fall is upon us, and I dread the first frost and the end of the Green Thumb garden.

Until then, I plan to keep picking tomatoes, beans, squash and radishes. When all the crops are gone, I’ll start thinking about next year’s growing season, noting my mistakes and studying more gardening books.

Next year, I’m hoping my thumb will grow an even darker shade of green.



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