Each time I go to the garden, what’s missing stands out more than what remains.

The remnants of most of our summer plants decompose in the compost pile at the edge of the field, leaving behind pockets of empty space inside our fence at the garden.

This gives us Green Thumbs more room to maneuver as we gather up the last pints of cherry tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, snow peas and eggplant. These plants are fading in contrast to the golden Marigolds that flourish along the fence as if they will bloom forever strong.

We occasionally talk of taking down our fence, but no one wants to admit that the days are getting shorter, the breeze is feeling colder and our harvest is coming to an end.

Our freezers are stocked with sliced strawberries and tasty blueberries, as well as healthy green beans and homemade tomato sauce to get us through the winter.

Despite our failure to produce celery and to keep squash bugs away from the pumpkins, we are happy with our yields.

So as frost advisories inch closer to our county, we, too, move closer to saying good-bye to the bounty of 2014.



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