Some people spend months before Christmas mapping out where to put their garlands, trees, poinsettias and stockings.

Others bring a bunch of boxes up out of the basement and put stuff wherever it will go.

That’s me decorating, and that’s me in the garden.

Every spring I browse the local stores and greenhouses at the last minute for seeds and plants that interest me and then show up at the garden with the hodgepodge I found without doing any research about how to plant them, how much room they need to grow, or how to care for them.

Lack of planning works fine for the holidays. A Santa collection that begins to crowd the mantle can easily be moved two weeks later to the bookshelves.

But moving a row of tomato bushes that have been growing in the garden for more than a month to provide more room for sprawling eggplant isn’t so easy.

So as snow is falling outside and I’m storing that last box of ornaments next to the rolled up garden fence in the basement, I resolve to do better in 2015.

I’m going to browse the seed catalog that our community garden angel shared on New Year’s Day, get in touch with the other Green Thumbs and start working with them on mapping out a sample garden plot for spring.

Here’s to a Happy New Year of Gardening!




  1. Good luck with the garden in 2015!!! Hope many things bloom in your garden, and beyond 🙂

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