math counts and popcorn heart 007

Sitting in no man’s land waiting for spring, I like to browse catalogs and go to the nearby farm supply to gawk at their seed inventories.

I look for classics, such as “Better Boy” tomatoes and “Black Beauty” eggplant. But I’m also tempted by lesser-known names such as “Mortgage Lifter” and “Italian Ice” tomatoes or “Crescent Moon” and “Shooting Stars” eggplant.

I’m amazed that round, black seeds turn into okra, whereas flat, brown seeds turn into carrots. But green pea seeds look like shriveled up green peas, and popcorn seeds look like dried up kernels of corn.

This year, the community garden is having a seed exchange. I don’t have any seeds saved from last year, but I’m looking for something fun to divvy.

And I’m having a small seed-sharing of my own on Valentine’s Day.

Instead of expensive cards, I’m sending kind messages with “Sweet Pea” flowers, “Buttercup” squash and “Bouquet” dill to my valentines.

My son who dreams of seeing the Pacific Ocean is getting a packet of “California Wonder” sweet peppers, and his younger brother with a sweet tooth is receiving seeds for “Cotton Candy” white pumpkins to plant.

The boxes of chocolate-covered cherries I usually buy are being replaced with seeds for “Sweet Chocolate Belle” peppers.

And although I can’t afford diamond or ruby gems to say “I love you,” popcorn seeds are in my budget, and their diamond-like shapes come in White and Strawberry Red.

I can’t wait for these seeds to grow!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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