wash dc to daffodills 142

My daffodils took their time blooming this year. But their beauty was worth the wait. The yellow flowers stand tall and vibrant despite the recent wind, cool temperatures and rain.

They are leaders in the parade of spring. Next, the golden forsythia should appear in the neighborhood, followed by blooming ornamental pear and cherry trees. My neighbors will join the parade with morning walks. Each year as we hike down the sidewalks, our noses tickle with the unpleasant smells of fertilizer in several front-yard flower beds and fluttering white petals on the pear trees along the path.

But those smells give way to fragrant roses, lavender and honeysuckles. Other flowers, including begonias, impatiens, petunias and vinca, soon join the parade.

Then vegetable gardens march forward and gradually take us into fall.

My sister, who lives farther south than I do, is closer to the beginning of the parade route. She sends me hints of what’s to come.

“I planted 2 rows of potatoes, 1 row of winter squash, and 1 row of onions!” she emailed me this week.  “It was so much fun.  Hope it all grows.  I’m counting on it.”


She sent me pictures of the winter squash she grew indoors from seeds that I sent to her on Valentine’s Day. The tall, healthy plants, which were outgrowing their tray, are now planted in her garden.

My two sons and I have noticed other trays of seedlings on sale at local chain stores. We are anxious to start planting, but are waiting for Mother’s Day.

We don’t want to rush the parade, especially knowing that Santa takes up the rear. That jolly old elf can keep his distance. It’s Mother Nature’s turn to bask in the spotlight.




  1. Lovely, Caroline! I always wait for the Pear blossoms to bloom then “snow down!”

  2. I’m looking forward to the spring parade of flowers too!!

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