The Green Thumbs began in 2013 with members of four families who were looking for something meaningful, educational and fun to do with their kids over the summer. Someone suggested that we rent a community garden from our local township. With seven adults and 10 kids, we were hoping that we could share the work and share the harvest. We kept a diary of the events and a tally of our expenses. Only one family had gardening experience. The rest of us had planted a tomato plant here or a strawberry plant there. But for all of us, this was the first large garden we had attempted to grow. Our spot was 20- by 30-feet with full sun. We didn’t know what to expect, but we planned to learn something. By the end of the summer 2013, we were pleased with all we had accomplished.

Two of the original Green Thumb families have continued to rent the garden each year. New families have joined the group. The community gardens have expanded. The Green Thumbs now rent two plots of space to grow their fruits and vegetables.

In 2017, we are eager to share our experiences once again. Welcome readers! Enjoy the journey with us.


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  1. The Belmont Rooster

    I am following because I want to see what happens next!!!

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