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I failed to give my Southern sister a valentine this year, but the earth presented her with a row of bright, sunny daffodils.

Happy Valentine’s Day sent from Mother Nature!

On the edge of my sister’s yard, the upright, yellow flowers sway in the wind and give the thawing February landscape dots of warm color.

But I live closer to Punxsutawney Phil, and the daffodils here are slower to bloom. Heeding the groundhog’s common prediction of six more weeks of winter, the flowers annually pace themselves, teasing me in February by poking their sturdy green stalks up from the ground but refusing to add their dainty yellow flowers until April.


Still, the green stalks and this weekend’s record-breaking warmth remind me that April will be here soon. I best spend the next six weeks thinking seriously about the garden because once those daffodils begin to bloom in my yard, Valentine’s Day will be long gone and planting season will be here.

Then I can follow Mother Nature’s example and bury seeds in the community garden to add my own dots of color upon the landscape.




001 daffodil

I feel like this daffodil.

My sister picked it from her yard before the latest snowfall and placed it on her kitchen windowsill.

Like this flower, I’m stuck inside the warm house and looking out my window for signs of spring.

The yellow bud itself gives me hope. The days are getting longer. Maybe robin sightings will follow. I’m ready for the snow to melt to make way for green grass. I want to think about wearing short sleeves again.

Thank you, February for being a brief month. And thank you, daffodil, for assuring me that spring is ready to appear even as winter drops more snow.